Jacek Klinowski has the degrees of Ph.D. from the Jagiellonian University (where he studied chemistry and mathematics) and from the University of London, and MA and Sc.D. from the University of Cambridge, where he is now Professor of Chemical Physics at the Department of Chemistry and Professorial Fellow of Peterhouse.  His solid-state NMR studies involve a great variety of materials (micro- and mesoporous molecular sieves, glasses, proton sponges, minerals, ceramics, fullerenes etc.) as well as biological samples.  

His interests also include (i) systematic enumeration of crystalline networks using mathematical tiling theory; (ii) morphogenesis (the origin of shape and form); (iii) complexes of fullerene C
60, carbon and silica nanotubes, graphite oxide; (iv) periodic minimal surfaces, which appear in many inorganic, organic and biological structures, and the associated mathematical problems; (v) inorganic chemistry of biological systems (plant silica and alumina).  

He has over 450 publications, and is the co-author, with J.W. Hennel, of
Fundamentals of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance” (Longman, 1993)
and of “Primer of Magnetic Resonance Imaging” (Imperial College Press, 1998).  

Jacek Klinowski is Editor-in-Chief of “Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”, an international learned journal, a Foreign Member of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Presidential Professor, Republic of Poland, an Honorary Member of the Polish Chemical Society, a holder of the Society’s Marie Curie Medal and Visiting Professor at the Universities of Kraków and Poznan (Poland), Aveiro (Portugal) and Cagliari (Italy).

Jacek Klinowski used to work as a film critic, and he co-authored, with Adam Garbicz, two volumes of cinema criticism entitled "Cinema, the Magic Vehicle".

For the entire list of publications, please visit this page.

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   [ Full PDF file (0.8MB)]

Professor Jacek Klinowski

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